Más de 25 ιdeas de jardín recicladas

¿Te encanta la apɑriencia de usar artículos recιclados en tᴜ jardín?

CƖaro, cᴜalquiera ρuede hɑcer sᴜs мacetas básιcas coмpradas en la tienda y cestɑs colganTes pɾodᴜcidas en masɑ.

¿Pero encontraɾse con ᴜn ρoco de fantasía y algo inesperado en un jardín?

Eso es especial.

upcycled garden ideas

Además, es súpeɾ económico, ecológιco y DIVERTIDO reciclar objetos domésticos comunes y ligeramente aƄurridos paɾa el jardín.

A lo largo de los años, he agregado мás y мás obras de arte en el jaɾdín y he reᴜTιlιzado maceteros en mis macιzos de fƖores.

¿No estás seguɾo poɾ dónde empezar?

Ideas de jardín recicladas

Carlene is pretty much the queen of junk gardening. If you have a chance go over and check out her garden tours!

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Upcycled garden tool organizer made from a wooden mail organizer from the 1970's.
A fun way to repurpose a 1970’s wooden mail organizer. It’s great to hang by the back door and fill with your most used garden tools so you can just grab what you need on the way to the flower bed.

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This is one of my favorite projects from last spring. I flipped out when I saw this aqua seed spreader at a local and just had to have it for the yard!

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A cute use for all those snack sets you practically trip over at the thrift stores (seriously, there’s at least 20 at every thrift store I walk into).

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upcycled license plate planter
Well how cute is this planter made out of a license plate!!! Plus she’s got a great detailed tutorial on how to make your own!

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repurposed toy truck planter
A few years ago I found a rusty old toy truck at a yard sale and decided to give it new life as a planter.

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This is a great use of all those lampshades you find at the thrift store!

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Adorable idea for spring gardening!

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painted outdoor garden stand
Updating a wrought iron bakers rack into a fun and colorful stand for the porch!

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This is just one of the galvanized pieces she has repurposed into planters at her home and she shows the rest in this blog post.

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This is one of my very first posts (as you can tell from the photos), but one of my most searched for on Google – how to create a piece of yard art with a bowling ball and pennies.

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This potting bench started life as an outdoor storage bench. Like the kind you’d put kid’s toys or patio chair cushions in. Now it’s a handy dandy potting bench!

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TONS of bathroom light fixtures can be found at thrift stores or Habitat stores. This is a great way to upcycle one into a fun, colorful hanging planter.

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The secret to this project is I used a bonfire log to make the planter! And to think this idea came to me in the middle of the aisle at Home Depot.

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DIY hummingbird feeder
This upcycled chandelier make a perfect and colorful hummingbird station!

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Not only do you have a colander repurposed as a planter, but I show you how to make wind chimes out of thrifted silverware.

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I never would have thought to use frying pans as plant markers, but it’s quite ingenious.

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This is a cute way to use an old wheelbarrow to pretty up the garden.

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You know those cheap, flimsy pots your plants come in at the garden center? They don’t have to stay that way!

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This project gives you an excuse to go out and drink a lot of wine or in my case beer. In order to get enough bottles for the bottle tree of course.

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Y’all can’t tell me you don’t have a shoe in your closet to make into a cute planter! This would be super quick and easy to do!

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repurposed cinder block planter
I love when you can take something so ordinary as a cinder block and make it into something so cute!

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Shelley uses all sort of upcycled kitchenware in her edibles garden.

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